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Stop unreconciled new layer pop-up
Fed up with the unreconciled new layer pop-up every time you open a drawing, well here is a solution to get rid of it.
LAYEREVALCTL - Controls the overall unreconciled new layer filter list. This system variable also affects whether the new layer notification is displayed or not. Set to 0 to disable the evaluation and notification of new layers.

Turn off faded layers
Locked layers appear faded by default. This makes it difficult to see some colours such as 250, 251, etc. Here is a solution for turning off the fading.
LAYLOCKFADECTL - Controls the dimming for objects on locked layers. The range for controlling the fading for objects on locked layers is from -90 to 90. Note, 0 = Locked layers are not faded; initial value is 50.

Homemicro has had a makeover - in keeping with the new Corn website layout, the entire homemicro.co.uk  website has been revamped. Each sub-domain has a familiar look sharing a common graphics theme. Site navigation has been updated too. We hope you like it! There are now 3 core areas:
  • LZC site named Corn, our site dedicated to low and zero carbon technologies 
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  • CAD site our site area dedicated to Computer Aided Design - CAD® 
Overhaul in Progress
The site revamp has seen the launch of our new micro site Corn and a common theme applied to all of our sites but we have some more work to do. Check back soon to see what we are doing.

Missing Guides & Blocks
Sorry if you cannot find our guides and blocks they will be back as soon as we have finished the revamp.

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